About Us

Welcome to Merlo Station High School

​​Merlo Station High School is a small, alternative high school in the Beaverton School District. It is designed for students who want the support of a small community of teachers and students. Many students who attend Merlo Station High School do not feel like they “fit in” at a mainstream high school. They want to do well in school, but need support in building academic skills and habits, and dealing with issues that distract them from learning.

Merlo Station High School is designed to help students take responsibility for their learning and their lives, and offers a unique opportunity to join a positive community and prepare for their future. We are proud of how our staff, students, and families partner together to build a community founded on equity that honors learning and growth of the whole person. Every day we see students grow as confident and capable problem solvers, and we are passionate about continuing to grow and learn as educators.

Everyone is welcome!

In order to apply to attend Merlo Station High School, you and your student will need to attend an information session. Please see the Information Sessions and Applications schedule for specific dates, and times. 

Title 1A Information

Merlo Station High School is a Title 1A school. This means that the school receives federal funding because a significant proportion of its students receive free and reduced lunch. 

Because our school receives federal funds for Title 1A programs through the Federal ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act), you have the right to request information regarding the professional qualifications of your child's classroom teacher(s). If you request this information, the district or school will provide you with the following as soon as possible:

a. Whether or not the teacher has met state licensing requirements for the grade level and subject(s) in which the teacher is providing instruction;

b. Whether or not the state licensing requirements have been waived for the teacher on a temporary basis;

c. The type of college degree major of the teacher and the field of discipline for any graduate degree or certificate;

d. Whether or not your child is receiving Title IA services from paraprofessionals and which qualifications the paraprofessional(s) possess.

If you would like to request this information, or have questions about Title 1A, contact Rachel Sip, Principal, at 503-356-3650, or by email through the Contact Us page.

Parent Involvement Policy

In acknowledgement of much reliable research supporting the fact that parental involvement raises the academic achievement of students, the staff at Merlo Station HighSchool encourages involvement of parents through:

  • Attending parent-teacher conferences.
  • Attending school events and activities.
  • Making sure their children are in school every day, ready to work and ready to learn.
  • Making sure their children are completing work, respecting teachers, and understanding how education can be directly responsible for a better life.

In order to build an even more effective home-school partnership, Merlo Station High School will provide the following:

1. An annual meeting ("Back to School Night") to which all parents are invited and encouraged to attend. A portion of the meeting will be used to inform parents of the school's participation in the Title I program. The school will explain its requirements and the parents' right to be involved.

2. A flexible number of meetings and communications throughout the year to improve parents' understanding academic standards and how assessments are used to measure students' development.

3. Flexible scheduling of meetings and conferences to accommodate the needs of parents.

4. Regular and timely communication to assist parents in understanding how they can promote the education of their children at home. Every effort will be made to communicate with parents in a format that is free of educational jargon and easily understood by all.

5. A school-parent agreement (compact) designed by parents and school staff that outlines how parents, school staff and students share the responsibility for improving learning.

6. A survey of all parents every other year to collect opinions and concerns about the current program and to collect suggestions for school improvement.

7. At least one scheduled parent conference where the progress of students will be discussed as well as expectations for the grade level, school curriculum, test information, and any other concerns that the teacher or parents may have.

Parents and community members are always welcome at Merlo Station High School. Please be sure to check in at the office.