Academic Program Guide


Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, we have implemented a communication and leadership skills development program called Discovery for all students. This program will empower our students to further develop as creative, resilient, and future-oriented leaders.

Discovery is an intensive six week program that meets every day, all day, for one hexter and is a prerequisite for all other classes at Merlo Station. All students will participate in, and must complete this program in order to move into a five class schedule.  We work in small groups to learn about and practice Effective Group Skills, Anger Management Strategies, Communication Skills, Assertiveness Tools, Problem Solving, and Conflict Resolution. We will continue to practice these skills every day.

To pass Discovery, students must demonstrate they are partnering with staff by earning 70% or higher on each weekly test. Other requirements include role play, an autobiography, art project, process points, assignments and notebook checks.

After completing Discovery, students will join a Focus community, access Mustang Courses, and plan for their future beyond Merlo.

Our 3 Expectations


We operate on 6 week hexters and a 5 period day. Students attend the same classes every day for the length of the hexter.

Students are allotted 15 periods each hexter to be absent. Excused and unexcused both count toward the 15 period total.

2 tardies (lates) = 1 period absent

1-15 minutes late = tardy
more than 15 minutes late = absent for 1 period


Cell Phone & Earbud Policy

We value positive relationships and collaboration. Cell phones can take us out of the moment with each other. Stepping away from cell phones is a job and a relationship skill.

During class and passing time, cell phones and earbuds are off, away, and in your bag.

Families: If you need to contact your student during the school day, please do not expect your student to answer his/her cell phone. If it is urgent and you need to contact your student right away, call the main office (503-356-3650) and we will deliver the message promptly. Students may also use the office phone to call home.


3 Redirects & Problem Solving

Problems are opportunities to learn and grow. 
Staff uses 3 redirects when students are not using their skills.

1st Redirect: Staff reminder
2nd Redirect: Staff reminder
3rd Redirect: Problem-solving conversation in the hallway, offer resources, review expectations.
4th Redirect: Student demonstrates an unwillingness or inability to problem-solve.

A student who gets a 4th redirect will be given a problem-solving sheet and go home for the day. The absence will be counted. The following day, by appointment, the student will conference with the teacher and an administrator before returning to classes. Together they will review the problem-solving sheet, reflect on the incident, and plan a future strategy for success.

Immediate Problem-Solving and/or Other Interventions

When 3 Redirects do not apply:

  • Defiance or disrespect
  • Theft or property damage
  • Possession of a weapon
  • Possession or distribution of tobacco
  • Possession, under the influence, or distribution of alcohol, drugs, or paraphernalia
  • Assault, harassment, bullying, or fighting