Community Partners

Merlo Station High School is partnered with the following Community Members to provide services for students:

LifeWorks Northwest

Phone: 503-356-3664

LifeWorks NW serves students on the Oregon Health Plan with prevention, mental health and addiction services. LifeWorks counseling can help with stress, depression, anxiety, grief, alcohol or drug abuse, relationships and /or past trauma.

Neighborhood Health Center

Neighborhood Health Center manages the School Based Health Center located at Merlo Station High School. It is open during regular school hours and is free of charge to all students in the Beaverton School District. The health center offers bilingual health education, prevention, screenings, diagnosis, treatments, referrals, and facilitates a Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) Leadership Club. The health center will also help any non-insured student apply for health insurance.

More information about the health center and services can be found on the School Based Health Center page.

Sunset Science Park Federal Credit Union

Sunset Science Park Federal Credit Union operates a school-based credit union in the Career and College Center. They are open twice a week and provide financial literacy activities and banking services for students. They also hire, train, and employ students from Merlo Station High School.